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5 Signs Your Car Needs Brake Repair Now

Today's cars and trucks are some of the most advanced machines that have ever seen the light of day. With more computing power than that of the first spaceships that visited the moon, our autos are equipped with high tech computers that make them incredibly smart, comfortable, and safe. Although, there are some things that will never change, such as the importance of a functional brake system. Healthy brakes are integral to keeping you, your passengers and others on the road safe. If you experience any of these signs of brake trouble do not hesitate to head to the auto repair shop to have the issue resolved right away.

Grinding Noises

A common sign of trouble when it comes to bad brakes is a grinding or squealing noise that occurs as your slow. This is the sound of worn out brake pads allowing metal to grind on metal, which is extremely dangerous as it greatly reduces your ability to stop.

Pulling Sensations

A vehicle suffering from uneven brake pad wear may pull to the left or right when the brakes are applied. This is a serious safety issue that needs immediate attention. This problem may also be caused by a stuck wheel cylinder or impurities in the brake fluid causing the braking system to malfunction.

Strange Vibration

Excessive braking can lead to major heat creation in the brake system, which may cause the brake rotors, the part the brake pads squeeze to slow the vehicle, to become warped. This most often happens during elongated braking, such as while driving down a mountain. This can lead to strange vibrations because of the uneven surface of the rotor. Because of this your vehicle will suffer from decreased braking power.

Spongy Brake Pedal

A soft or spongy brake pedal can represent a few different issues with the braking system. Most often this is caused by very low brake pads but more serious issues can cause it as well. Air in the brake system or even a very dangerous brake fluid leak may be the root cause of trouble.

ABS Dashboard Indicator Light

Perhaps one of the first things that you will notice if your vehicle is beginning to have brake trouble is the illumination of the dashboard indicator light for the brake system. It generally reads ABS, which stands for anti-lock braking system, and can represent a variety of issues. Head to the shop for a proper diagnosis.

Routine brake maintenance is a necessary part of any car's life and there are many signs your car will provide that let you know it's time for this important service. If you find your car or truck in need of brake repair in Morgan Hill come see the team at Fred's Foreign and Domestic Car Repair. Our full service shop can tackle any repair needed by your car, truck or SUV. Give us a call at (408) 706-7318 to schedule quality auto repair in Morgan Hill today!

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