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5 Ways to Keep Your Car Running Great

As the owner of a vehicle, it is up to you to keep it running well. There are various maintenance tasks that all cars and trucks need if you want to keep them in tip top shape, such as the following. By keeping up with necessary services you’ll not only maintain reliability, but safety as well. When it is time for any sort of auto maintenance, do not hesitate to visit your local auto shop.

Keep up with oil changes

Oil changes are the most critical component of long term car care. For most vehicles they are necessary every 3,000 miles, but some cars can go 5,000 to 7,500 or more based on factory recommendations. Putting off oil changes will result in increased wear and tear of engine components.

Pay attention to signs of trouble

It is up to you to look for signs of trouble that indicate a need for auto repair. Common symptoms include fluid leaks, weird noises, decreased performance, odors, pulling or veering, and hard starting.

Provide it with factory maintenance

If you check the vehicle’s owner’s manual you will find that there is a schedule of necessary services it requires to run well. If you put off scheduled maintenance, such as fluid services, belt and hose replacements, filter replacements, or otherwise, your vehicle will likely end up needing more costly repair.

Check the tires regularly

Be sure to check your car’s tires on a regular basis. Underinflated, cracked or balding tires are all going to cause performance, reliability and safety issues.

Check fluids

Your car uses a number of specialized fluids to operate and they all need to be at certain levels and clear of contaminants. If you notice a leak head to the auto shop immediately. You can check fluid levels manually as well, just check your owner’s manual to learn how for your particular car.

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