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Auto Maintenance Restores MPGs

Gas prices seem to always be going up, and it's hard to visualize a future when they're coming down. Fortunately, there are a number of easy ways to help maintain and even improve your car's fuel efficiency. Many of the services rendered that can boost your gas mileage will be taken care of during scheduled maintenance, but should you notice a dip in your fuel economy, don't hesitate to contact your local auto maintenance specialists for additional diagnostics. The small expense of keeping up with necessary auto maintenance service can save you big time in the long-term when it comes time to fill-up the tank.

Check Tire Inflation

Soft rubber requires significantly more power to roll. If your tires are under-inflated, your fuel-efficiency can be reduced by some 25%.

Fresh Air Filter

Because your vehicle runs off of a particular mixture of air and gas, it needs the right amount of air to reach the combustion chamber. A dirty or clogged filter can prevent this from happening correctly, which can lead to diminished fuel-efficiency because your engine will try to compensate by burning more gas.

Install New Spark Plugs

Spark plugs create the tiny explosions that are needed to get your pistons pumping by igniting the air and fuel mix. If they're old and corroded then they can misfire, reducing your vehicle's gas mileage.

Fuel Grade

If your car calls for mid-grade or higher, you'll want to make sure you follow that guideline. It might be tempting to save a few bucks on the lower grade, but this can lead to decreased gas mileage and cause additional engine operating issues.

Check the Gas Cap

If your gas cap is loose or broken, gas can evaporate before you get the chance to put it to use. An improperly fitting gas cap can also cause the check engine light to come on, as the EVAP system will detect the fuel vapors escaping the filler tube.<br><br>

If you're spending more time at the gas station than you're used to, it's time to visit your local auto maintenance shop. For MPG restoring auto maintenance in Morgan Hill visit the team at Fred's Foreign and Domestic Car Repair. Our experts will be happy to get you back on the road in an efficient and reliable car. Give us a call at 408-706-7318 to schedule auto maintenance in Morgan Hill or the surrounding area today.

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