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Auto Maintenance Services You Should Never Skip

When it comes to factory auto maintenance, it is important that you never delay having necessary services completed on your ride. Putting off these mandatory maintenance tasks will eventually leave your vehicle in great distress and in need of some serious fixing. While oil changes are needed often enough that people tend to get them completed on time, many other services are often forgotten until it's almost, or is, too late. The following are a few commonly neglected auto maintenance services that most vehicles will need at certain mileage points.

Timing Belt Replacement
If your vehicle is equipped with a timing belt it is crucial that you have it replaced when called for by the owner’s manual. If the timing belt wears out due to excessive mileage it may snap, resulting in major engine trouble.

Power Steering Flush
Has your steering stiffened? Could it be that you forgot to have a required power steering service completed at the shop? Dirty power steering fluid can cause damage to components of the steering system, which prevents you from being able to properly control your car.

Filter Replacements
Two of the most important filters in your car are the fuel filter and air filter. The air filter cleans the air coming into your car’s engine, while the fuel filter prevents contaminants in the gas from getting in there as well. Not replacing these filters when necessary can cause massive lags in performance.

Battery Services
It is a smart idea to have your battery checked bi-annually, usually during oil changes in the early spring or fall. This will prevent you from ending up with a dead battery that needs to be replaced.

Transmission Service
Dirty transmission fluid can make it difficult to shift. Transmission services involve draining the old fluid, cleaning the transmission pan, replacing the transmission filter, if it has one, and installing a new pan gasket during reassembly. Finally, new transmission fluid will be added to ensure smooth shifting.

Brake Checks
It’s always a good idea to have your brakes checked if you suspect any issues or are planning a long trip. A professional technician can quickly determine if your vehicle needs brake pad replacement or other brake services.

Putting off auto maintenance is a good way to ruin your car! To prevent car trouble, head to Fred’s Foreign and Domestic for expert auto maintenance in Morgan Hill. Our auto maintenance team will ensure your car remains safe and reliable. Give us a call at 408-706-7318 to schedule auto maintenance in Morgan Hill or the surrounding communities today.

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