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No AC: Common Air Conditioner Problems

It stays relatively nice throughout the year round in our part of the world, and although it may be winter now, we are well on our way to warm weather once again. To keep your commute bearable be sure that your air conditioner is doing its job all year long. There is nothing quite like cool refreshing air blowing in your face during your drive home from a long, hot day at the office. If your air conditioner doesn't blow cool air there could be a number of things that have gone wrong. To get your AC back on track you will likely need to take it to an auto repair shop that can handle the heat, especially before spring and summer come around.

The most common cause of AC failure is a refrigerant leak in the air conditioner system. These leaks are very hard to detect because the refrigerant used in AC systems evaporates once it comes into contact with outside air. A mechanic will inject a special ultraviolet liquid into the system to determine if there is a leak and to find its location, allowing them to repair it. This test will be conducted if the AC system experiences low refrigerant pressure, which can cause it to blow warm air or infrequent bursts of cool air.

Additional common reasons your vehicle will need AC repair include a clogged expansion valve, a loose or broken drive belt or even something as simple as a blown fuse in the air conditioning system. However there is a good chance that a slipping or broken compressor clutch is causing the air conditioner to blow warm.

If the AC only doesn't work when your vehicle is idling make sure that the electric fan motor is working. Some vehicles have two of these fans, one that is for the AC unit and a second one to help the radiator and cooling system regulate the engine temperature. In places like California where hot weather is frequent, it is important that both fans work properly so you stay cool, along with your car's engine.

To restore your air conditioner's cool breeze you'll need to speak with an expert mechanic that can beat the heat. If it is time for AC repair in Morgan Hill, CA, where we're seeing 70 degree temperatures this January, reach out to Fred's Foreign and Domestic Car Repair. Our crew of domestic and foreign auto repair experts will ensure your commute is always safe, reliable and comfortable. Give us a call at (408) 706-7318 to schedule an appointment for professional auto repair in Morgan Hill.

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