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Common Signs it's Time for Engine Repair

There are few things more gut wrenching in regard to car problems than hearing a mechanic say your vehicle needs engine repair. While engine rebuilding can be expensive, it can also be avoided. The best way to keep your car running smooth without excessive amounts of repair is by providing it with routine maintenance and paying attention to the signs of trouble it may be giving you. While many engine issues will trigger the check engine light, giving you a queue to head to the repair shop, not everything does. If you notice any of these common symptoms of engine trouble, it will be in your best interest to make an appointment with your local auto repair shop. Ignoring problems will only allow these issues to get worse the more you drive, racking up hundreds of dollars in repair costs along the way.

Excessive Colored Exhaust

The smoke that comes out of your vehicle's tailpipe can tell you a lot about the way the engine is performing. Different engine problems will produce different colored smoke. For instance a coolant leak that allows the fluid to be burnt up in the engine will result in white clouds of smoke. This puts your car at risk of overheating issues. Blue smoke is a strong indicator of an internal oil leak. Without sufficient oil your car has a good chance having major engine damage due to increased friction between moving parts. Black smoke means that too much fuel is being burnt. This increases engine temperature, decreases fuel efficiency and can lead to major engine trouble if the root of the problem is not solved in a timely manner. If you see large amounts of exhaust smoke, head to the repair shop right away.

Engine Knock

Odd noises that occur as you drive always need to be diagnosed, as they could indicate major trouble ahead. A knocking noise that seems to rise and fall with the engine RPMs most often is the result of worn out engine bearings. These bearings are what the moving parts of the engine rest on, and after many miles on the road, or due to improper lubrication they will wear out. This issue will likely need to be resolved by replacing some parts in the bottom half of the engine. On occasion, this noise may be caused due to a lack of oil and topping off your engine could resolve it.

Decreased Performance

If you suddenly find your car struggling to get up to speed, or if the engine stalls from time to time, there may be engine wear and tear that has caused compression and timing problems. More often than not though, power struggles are related to inefficient fuel delivery. Have your technician test drive your vehicle to get the best possible initial diagnosis.

It's imperative to visit the auto shop at the first sign of engine trouble so that bigger, more costilier issues are avoided. So if you spot an oil leak, notice performance issues, see the check engine light or have other reason to believe it is time for engine repair in Morgan Hill head to Fred's Foreign & Domestic Car Repair.We complete preventative auto maintenance and expert auto repair for all makes and models. Give us a call at (408) 706-7318 to schedule quality auto repair in Morgan Hill and the neighboring communities.

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