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Does My Car Need Auto Repair Now?

It’s unfortunately fairly common for people to put off trips to the auto shop when car trouble is obviously present. Drivers may encounter a change in performance, hear strange noises or even feel their vehicle operating in an unsafe manner, such as pulling, yet, still decide to keep driving their car as if nothing is wrong. The thing is, the longer you wait to address the present issue, the worse it will get, and the more expensive it will likely become. At Fred’s Foreign & Domestic Car Repair, we encourage you to visit our shop for expert auto repair in Morgan Hill at the first sign of trouble, especially if those symptoms are one of the following.

Grinding Brakes

When you hit the brakes your car should silently come to a stop. If you hear a grinding or squealing noise visit our local brake repair facility. This is a clear indication that it is time for brake pad replacement.

Hard Shifting

Are you having trouble getting through the gears? Does it seem as if your engine revs high while the automatic transmission shifts? These are common signs of transmission trouble. Putting off transmission diagnostics will result in the issue growing worse and more expensive to fix. Our local transmission shop will have you shifting smoothly in no time.

Knocking Engine

A knocking noise that rises and falls in repetition with engine RPMs is likely suffering from worn engine bearings due to poor lubrication. If your car is not serviced soon, the engine could seize, resulting in catastrophic engine damage.

Excessive Exhaust

A car producing excessive exhaust smoke is likely experiencing internal engine issues. The color of the smoke can often clue you in on the trouble. For example, blue smoke is a sign of burning oil, while white smoke is a sign of coolant being burned up.

Fluid Leaks

Nothing should ever be leaking from your car. If you notice a drip, get to our nearby auto shop to have it stopped. Common automotive fluid leaks include an oil leak, coolant leak, transmission fluid leak, brake fluid leak, power steering leak or differential fluid leak.

Check Engine Light

One of the most obvious signs that your car needs service is if the check engine light comes on. Why put off having diagnostics completed if you know the issue will only get worse?

It's smart to visit our local auto shop at the first sign of car trouble so that bigger, more costilier problems don’t arise. When you need expert auto repair in Morgan Hill, head to Fred's Foreign & Domestic Car Repair. Give us a call at (408) 706-7318 to request an auto repair estimate or to schedule quality car repair in Morgan Hill and the neighboring communities.

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