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Does My Car Need Brake Repair?

While new safety features hit the market each model year, nothing beats a healthy set of brakes. If you ever encounter any signs of brake trouble, it is imperative that you visit a local auto shop for service. Remember, seat belts and airbags are only effective in an accident, while it is the brakes that could have prevented an accident from ever occurring, as long as they are in good shape. Be sure to contact your local auto shop if you notice any of the following in your vehicle.

Dashboard Indicator Light
Today’s vehicles are highly advanced technologically, compared to those of yesteryear. This means they have sensors for everything, including many throughout the brake system, which will illuminate a dashboard indicator light if they detect a problem. The light usually reads ABS, which stands for antilock braking system, but check your owner’s manual to be sure. If this light comes on, visit the auto shop for proper diagnostics.

Spongy or Soft Brake Pedal
If the brake pedal in your car can suddenly be depressed much easier or if it now seems to rest closer to the floor there is a good chance that a brake fluid leak has sprung. This is extremely dangerous as it could potentially cause you to lose all braking power. Leaks generally occur from the brake master cylinder or individual wheel cylinders.

Vehicle Pulls during Braking
If your vehicle tries to go right or left when you hit the brakes there is a possibility that something is preventing the correct operation of the wheel cylinders, which are tasked with applying the brakes. Other issues that could cause this include contaminants in the brake fluid or uneven brake pad wear.

Brake Pedal Shakes or Vibrates
A vibrating brake pedal often indicates that the rotors need to be machined to a fine finish. The rotors are what the brake pads grab in order to create the friction that stops your vehicle. If they do not have a smooth surface it reduces the surface area available to the brake pads, thus diminishing your braking power.

Grinding Noise when Braking
One of the most common signs of brake trouble is a grinding or squealing noise that occurs when the brakes are applied. This means that the brake pads have completely worn away and metal is grinding on metal. Be sure to get to a repair shop ASAP To have this issue resolved.

You should never hesitate to have brake problems repaired, no matter how many other safety features your vehicle has. If you need expert brake repair in Morgan Hill call Fred's Foreign and Domestic Car Repair at 408-706-7318. We strive to provide superior auto repair for all makes and models of import and domestic cars, trucks and SUVs. Call now to schedule superior auto repair in Morgan Hill or the surrounding area.

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