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How do I know if My Car has an Exhaust Leak?

An exhaust leak is not only bad for your car but it can be extremely hazardous to your personal health as well. The exhaust system is designed to remove toxic fumes created by the engine and, convert them to less hazardous emissions and emit them out of the back of the car. If there is a leak in the system it could allow for those harmful gases to make their way into the passenger cabin, putting you and your passengers at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. The following are some of the most common signs of an exhaust leak. Should you experience any be sure to call an auto repair shop for proper diagnostics right away.

Loud engine rumbling

One of the most common symptoms of exhaust trouble is a loud engine. It will be most noticeable during rapid acceleration, such as when getting on the highway. An exhaust leak will make your engine appear to be very loud. It may sound cool, but it is very unhealthy for the car.

Decreased MPGs

There are many things that can result in a loss of fuel efficiency but an exhaust leak will cause a drastic drop. This is because an exhaust leak will alter the readings of the oxygen sensor, which in turn could send excessive amounts of fuel to the engine.

Check engine light

Again, many things can turn the check engine light on, but many of them have to do with the exhaust system. It is important to get to the repair shop as soon as the light turns on so that you don't end up with a problem much worse, such as a damaged catalytic converter, which can be very expensive to repair.

Gas pedal vibrations

A vibrating gas pedal is another sign of an exhaust leak. This will occur because the gas pedal will reflect the improper movement of the fumes as they make their way out of the exhaust system through a hole.

Exhaust leaks are dangerous! Do not ignore the signs of trouble. If you need exhaust repair in Morgan Hill head to Fred's Foreign & Domestic Car Repair. We service all makes and models at our bumper to bumper auto repair shop and our skilled technicians can fix any problem! To learn more or to request an estimate for auto repair in Morgan Hill give us a call at (408) 706-7318 today.

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