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Grinding Gears, Leaking Fluid; What's Wrong With My Transmission?

Of all the systems in a vehicle, transmissions are one of the most important to keep well tuned for proper vehicle operations. Without regular service things can go wrong that may cause complete transmission failure or at least create a need for in depth repair services. If you notice any of these signs of transmission failure you will want to get to the repair shop as soon as possible. Remember, delaying repairs can allow the problem to grow worse, which means a bigger repair bill.

Burnt Paper Smell

Some transmission problems can be attributed to the clutch, and not the transmission itself. If you smell the clutch burning, which is similar to the smell of burnt paper, take your vehicle to a local auto mechanic to see if you need a clutch adjustment or clutch repair. You may remember this smell from when you first learned how to drive a stick shift.

Pops Out of Gear

The transmission, whether it is manual or automatic, should never shift unexpectedly or pop into neutral unannounced. If this happens to your car you will want to have the issue properly diagnosed by a professional mechanic to avoid needing costly transmission repairs.

Slow Response

If your RPMs escalate greatly as your automatic transmission shifts there is a good chance you're running low on ATF, or automatic transmission fluid. The transmission relies on this fluid for smooth shifting.

Grinding Noise

Any sort of loud or out of character grinding noise that happens while the vehicle is in gear or during shifting can be caused by worn out parts, such as needle bearings in the torque converter, or low levels of transmission fluid.

Fluid Leak

If you notice a puddle of reddish liquid in your driveway, or anywhere your car has been parked for awhile, is a sure sign of impending transmission failure. If the transmission gets too low of fluid there's a chance it will completely fail and require a complete transmission rebuild.

Some transmission repairs can be very expensive, so in order to avoid these high costs be sure to give your transmission the service it needs as soon as you notice that something is amiss. For expert transmission repair in Morgan Hill, CA or the surrounding area head to Fred's Foreign & Domestic Car Repair. We service all makes and models at our bumper to bumper auto repair shop. To learn more or to request a quote for auto repair in Morgan Hill give us a call at (408) 706-7318 and we will be happy to assist you.

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