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Does My Car Need Engine Repair?

You pay attention to symptoms of trouble with your own health, right? Since a cough or runny nose may send you to the walk-in, shouldn't signs of trouble with your car cause you to head to the mechanic? If you rely on your vehicle for daily transportation then your answer should be yes. Cars communicate issues in a number of ways, ranging from visual clues, weird smells or odd vibrations. If you encounter any issue that indicates car problems, particularly ones under the hood such as the following, be sure to schedule service with your local auto repair shop.

Oil Leak

Oil is the lifeblood of the engine. It is required for proper lubrication to occur between the motor's moving parts. A leak will cause engine parts to suffer from excessive wear and tear, resulting in major damage. If you spot a black or dark brown spot on your driveway, have it checked out right away.

Metal Flakes in Oil

When you have the oil changed in your vehicle be sure the technician inspects the old oil for contaminants. If metal flakes are found in the oil it is probable that there is unwanted friction occurring between parts, resulting in excessive wear.

Decreased Performance

Any drop in performance, such as decreased fuel economy, difficulty starting, a rough idle or poor acceleration, is an indicator that a trip to the auto shop is necessary. Most of these types of issues can be resolved quickly by performing a tune up. This could entail installing new spark plugs, replacing the air filter or fuel filter or cleaning the fuel injection unit.

Knocking Noise

A knocking noise originating under the hood is often caused by worn engine bearings. These bearings are what support the motion of the moving engine parts. They can wear due to high mileage or poor lubrication. It is important to address this issue because if it is left unchecked the bearings could cease, resulting in catastrophic engine damage.

Check Engine Light

One sign of engine trouble will stare you right in the face. More often than not the check engine light will turn on due to a small problem, such as a malfunctioning sensor. Yet, these small issues can result in bigger problems, like a failed catalytic converter, if they are not quickly addressed.

If your car is experiencing engine issues don't hesitate to have them properly diagnosed and fixed. For expert engine repair in Morgan Hill for any make or model head to Fred's Foreign and Domestic Car Repair. Our domestic and foreign auto repair experts will have you back on the road in no time. To request an estimate for superior auto repair in Morgan Hill give us a call at (408) 706-7318 today.

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