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Top Signs of a Failing Alternator

The electrical system in your car is quite vast. Not only does your car utilize electricity stored in the battery to get started, but it uses it to operate many components of your vehicle as you drive. Where does that power come from? The alternator generates electricity as you cruise down the road, providing the power necessary to operate everything from the radio and power windows to integral sensors that keep your car running smooth. If you notice any of the following signs of alternator failure be sure to visit an auto repair shop as soon as possible.

Dashboard Indicator Light

If a light on your dashboard that reads ALT or GEN comes on it means that your alternator is having trouble doing its job. A professional auto repair center will be able to conduct diagnostics that will paint a clearer picture of what's going on.

Electrical Failures

Has your radio stopped working? Do the power windows or seats seem to be struggling to move? These are signs of alternator failure. Since the alternator powers most electrical parts of your car as you drive, any issues with accessories can often be related to alternator trouble.

Car Stalls/Difficulty Starting

Any excess electricity created by the alternator is stored in the battery, which is what is used to get the car started. If your car turns over very slowly, or not at all, it may be more than a dead battery, it could be a failed alternator.

Flickering/Dim Headlights

One of the more visible signs of alternator failure is if you notice dim or flickering headlights as you drive at night. Again, the alternator is what provides the power to light up the road, and if it is struggling to create enough electricity then they will not work properly.

Dead Battery

If your battery dies again and again, it is quite likely the alternator is to blame. To be sure of what sort of trouble your car is suffering from it's important that you visit a local auto repair shop for expert diagnostics.

At the first sign of alternator trouble be sure to visit your local auto repair shop to avoid getting stranded. For professional alternator repair in Morgan Hill or the surrounding Bay Area communities reach out to Fred's Foreign & Domestic Car Repair. Our skilled auto repair technicians will ensure your vehicle is restored to a safe and reliable condition once it leaves our shop. Call (408) 706-7318 to request more information about our facility or to schedule superior auto repair in Morgan Hill for any make and model of vehicle.

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