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What is Leaking from My Car?

While it may be gasoline that you put in the tank, your car actually uses a number of fluids in order to operate its various systems. These fluids are vital to the safe and reliable operation of your car, truck or SUV. Should you ever notice something puddling under your car, or if you spot a direct leak, it is important to visit an auto shop as soon as possible. Low fluid levels can cause a number of problems, including completely destroying the engine or transmission, so act quick when you spot a leak.

Brake Fluid Leak

Brake fluid is a clearish brown color that is very unlikely to leak. If it does you would likely notice that your brake pedal now rests closer to the floor or has become incredibly easy to push. If this happens you'll want to tow your car to the shop to prevent the chances of your brakes going out completely.

Transmission Fluid Leak

Transmission fluid is a reddish color that will collect near the front of your car should there be a leak. Transmission fluid leaks will likely be accompanied by delayed shifting or grinding or squealing noises while shifting.

Differential Fluid Leak

Differential fluid looks very similar to transmission fluid, but it will collect near the rear of the vehicle. This fluid ensures that the differential is properly lubricated, which is important if you want your wheels to be able to turn.

Coolant Leak

Coolant, also referred to as antifreeze, is usually bright green in color, but it may be pink or yellow. It also smells very sweet. If your vehicle is low on coolant it will result in your car or truck overheating, which can cause massive engine damage. If you notice your car's temperature gauge creeping into the redzone, don't hesitate to visit your local auto shop.

Oil Leak

Oil is probably the easiest leak to spot, and it is also the most common. It will appear as black or dark brown spots on the ground and if it gets wet it can cause a rainbow appearance. Low oil levels means that there is insufficient lubrication for the moving parts inside the motor, This will cause harsh friction that will cause the motor to quickly deteriorate.

If you spot a leak of any kind be sure to visit your auto shop for further diagnostics. To request professional automotive leak repair in Morgan Hill or the surrounding area call Fred's Foreign & Domestic Car Repair at (408) 706-7318. We would be happy to talk to you about your auto repair options. Any time you need auto repair in Morgan Hill, Fred's will be there for you!

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