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Why are oil changes needed so frequently?

Without oil your vehicle's engine is useless. The oil ensures proper lubrication and cooling takes place in order to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Most manufacturers recommend oil changes every 3,000 to 5,000 miles depending on the type of car your drive. While the distance between oil changes increases it is important not to forget to have this important service completed. Here are 5 reasons to change the oil on time, every time.

Engine Lubrication

The main purpose of engine oil is to lubricate the moving parts, which rest on engine bearings, so they can move in sync without rubbing on each other and causing damage. Dirty oil or low oil levels can cause parts to wear much faster than they would with new oil.

Temperature Control

Engine oil absorbs heat produced by the friction of moving engine parts, but if the engine oil is dirty it will not be able to absorb it as well. To reduce the chances of overheating be sure to regularly change your oil.

Remove Grime

Oil collects dirt, grime and sludge as it moves through the engine lubricating parts. The buildup of these impurities causes the engine to have to work harder because of the stickiness of the oil. This means your getting lower MPGs then you would with fresh oil.

Fresh Oil Filter

When you change the oil the oil filter should also be changed. The oil filter holds the dirt and grime that oil collects as it travels through the engine. A filter clogged with dirt and grime will prevent good oil from moving through the engine, which could cause major engine problems.

Detect Oil Leaks

When a service professional completes an oil change they will be able to look for and spot any possible oil leaks. Some leaks will need immediate attention while others just need be carefully monitored. If you suspect an oil leak, let your mechanic know so they can conduct a full diagnosis.

Oil changes are an integral part of any vehicle's maintenance cycle. To learn more about the benefits of this service or to schedule an appointment for an oil change in Morgan Hill head to Fred's Foreign & Domestic Car Repair. We offer expert auto maintenance for all makes and models. The next time you need auto repair or your car is due for factory auto maintenance in Morgan Hill or the surrounding area give Fred's a call at (408) 706-7318 to schedule an appointment!

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