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Why won't my car start?

When it comes to automotive trouble few things are as frustrating as getting in your car or truck, turning the key, and having the engine turn over and over, or not turn over at all. The engine failing to start can be caused by a number of problems, some relatively small, others quite complicated. The following are 5 common issues that may prevent your vehicle from starting. Be sure to visit your local auto shop for proper diagnostics and repair if your car won't start.

Dead battery

The most common problem that prevents a car from starting is the simplest to fix -- a dead battery. While car batteries will die and need to be changed over the years, many times they are drained from simply leaving the lights on or running the radio or lights with the engine off for an extended period of time. In cases like those a simple jumpstart will get you back on the road.

Failed starter

When the key is turned the starter motor actuates its pinion gear and engages with the flywheel to spin the motor. If the starter fails you will generally hear a single loud click, or a series of clicks, when you try and start the car. The sound is the motor actuating but not spinning.

Problematic alternator

The alternator is charges the battery and powers lights and other electronics as the engine runs. If the alternator calls it quits the battery will not be recharged and it will eventually be drained, which in turn prevents you from starting your car. Common signs of alternator trouble include dim or flickering headlights or trouble with electronics, such as the radio or power windows.

No fuel delivery

Your vehicle needs gas to run, so if fuel isn't making it to the engine your car will fail to start. The most common reasons gas won't be properly delivered are a clogged fuel filter, a failed fuel pump or a malfunctioning fuel injection system.

Ignition problem

The ignition system is regularly to blame for starting issues. The ignition is where the electrical pathway that gets your vehicle started begins, so if it isn't working you will be unable to get any response from the motor when you turn the key, if the key can turn at all!<br><br>

A car that won't start will generally need to be towed to a repair shop, so to avoid excessive towing costs be sure to visit a reputable shop on the first go around. For expert auto repair in Morgan Hill head to Fred's Foreign & Domestic Car Repair. We offer expert diagnostics and auto repair for all makes and models. To learn more about these issues or to schedule superior auto repair in Morgan Hill call us at 408-706-7318 today.

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